AddUp Rewards

Maximizing credit card rewards is all about using the right card at the right store

In theory, it’s pretty simple – when you buy plane tickets for your next vacation, you should use the card will reward you most for purchases at airlines. But in practice, it’s a bit more challenging. And in order to maximize credit card rewards, you first need to have the right cards. 

Owning the right credit cards

There are hundreds of major credit cards available, and it can be hard to know which one(s) you should apply for. There’s no universal ‘best card’ because we all have different spending habits, and where you shop can significantly impacts how much you earn in credit card rewards. Thankfully, our credit card comparison tool can help you find the right card based on your unique spending habits. With the right credit cards in your wallet, you can begin maximizing your rewards.

Using the correct card at checkout

Even when you have credit cards with great rewards, remembering to use the correct one is much easier said than done. Reward programs are complicated and change over time, and our focus when shopping is often on what we’re buying, rather than which card we’re using. That’s where AddUp comes in – our browser extension reminds you of opportunities to earn rewards while shopping online. With AddUp installed, you can focus on shopping with the peace of mind that you’re earning maximum credit card rewards.