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Forget spreadsheets and mental math – this reward calculator makes it easy to estimate your annual earnings for any card. Enter card details manually or use our credit card comparison tool to automatically populate reward information. Rewards are recalculated automatically when you update any of the values in the table.

Credit card reward calculator

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Credit card reward calculator

Annual Earnings:


Category Reward Value Annual Spend Category Reward Limit
Annual Earnings:
Category: Enter your own category name or choose one from the dropdown menu.
Reward Value: Enter the number of points, miles, cents, dollars or other currency earned per dollar spent on the card.
Annual Spend: Estimate the amount you spend in this category each year.
Category Reward Limit: Some cards have spend limits on some categories, above which no extra rewards are earned. If there’s no reward limit, leave this field blank. To reset the page, click refresh in your browser.

For cards that use points, miles, or other currencies, use this calculator to estimate their value in USD.