AddUp Rewards

Our credit cards comparison tool can help you find a card that compliments your spending habits

The first step to maximizing credit card rewards is having cards that reward you for the shopping you do. But there are a lot of cards to choose from, each with their own rewards structures and benefits. To accurately compare credit cards, you need lots of information about various aspects of the each card. This so a laborious process, so we built a tool to help you get started.

Card Comparison

To use this tool, select one or more of the buttons below. This will sort the list of cards by spending category so you can compare reward summaries for each card. Full reward details can be found on each card’s website, accessible by clicking the card image. You can also use the ‘Calculate Reward Earnings‘ link to estimate how much you could earn with each card based on your spending habits.

Please note that this tool is not optimized for use on mobile devices; for the best experience, visit this page on a desktop browser.




Note: only the top 30 results (based on your selections) are shown; if you believe a card is missing, please let us know so we can add it.

Some credit card rewards use points, miles, or other currencies. Use this calculator to estimate their value in USD.